The cannabis has almost 110 cannabinoids lined up inside it. The highest in popularity are the two cannabinoids THC and CBD, but another compound that is stacked with diverse medicinal properties is CBN. It can address manifold health problems from taking care of bones and the bone cells development to being a potent sleeping aid and appetite stimulant. Checkout CBN oil for sale.

Thoughtcl0ud’s High Blend CBN formula makes the best use of its manifold benefits in this formulation which is a full spectrum formulation with a potency of 550 mg that imparts a perfect pain and insomnia countering composition. This unique cannabinoid is mixed with the high on demand plant compound CBD that has countless medical usefulness from relieving anxiety and pain, eradicating inflammation, cardiovascular wellness to being a neuroprotectant and the list goes on. The product has won favorable reviews for providing its users a restorative sleep and offering the best mix of CBD and CBN without any psychoactive impact and adverse side effects.

The Varied Effects That CBN Produces

This cannabinoid is interesting as it is formed after the heating of THC or due to oxygen exposure. CBN has negligent psychoactive influence and has displayed greater compatibility for the cannabinoid receptor CB2 instead of CB1. The array of advantages that CBN furnishes includes sedative and calming properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, revives bone tissue, anti-bacterial, healing fractures and appetite stimulant.

ThoughtCl0ud’s High Blend Sleep And Pain Formula


This nutritional supplement from Thought Cloud has a rare blend of 400 mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) with 150mg of Cannabinol (CBN). The formula has a 0.3% THC that removes all psychoactivity and gives it a powerful mix as CBD, a phytocannabinoid pertains to the segment of molecules that communicates with the endocannabinoid receptors within our body. Such cannabinoid receptors are a part of our endocannabinoid system (ECS), that regulates our every homeostatic activity. As a sleep-promoting compound, CBD oil communicates with all receptor network, proteins and various brain chemicals that have an influence on our anxiety and sleep and waking cycles that is indispensable for a healthy night sleep.

Similar to other cannabinoids, Cannabinol or CBN is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving. Preliminary research has also displayed encouraging results that when CBN combines with CBD it proves to be useful in treating burns.

This composition by ThoughtCl0ud has been devised bearing the concept in mind that cannabinoids function better synergistically, instead of individually. With this in mind, a below 3% inclusion of THC makes it non-psychoactive and without any mind-altering influence and assists CBN to function symbiotically with both CBD plus THC.

Superior Grade Oil With Nutritional Additives

ThoughtCl0ud’s New CBN formula becomes a superior grade formulation because of the unique C02 extraction technique followed which comprises of a pesticide and solvent free and full spectrum derivation process. The use of such a highly concentrated procedure for extraction involves cutting-edge technology and is third-party tested in a laboratory for unmatched purity of product. This product is reared from Non-GMO hemp, is purely vegan, organically cultivated and gluten-free.
A Super tincture that includes MCT oil which is a remarkable basis for healthy fats that upgrades your cognitive ability, manages your weight, gut, brain as well as your heart health. With the inclusion of MCT oil in the formula, which is easily digestible than LCTs this ‘natural fuel’ for your brain and the body is a powerhouse of wellness. Being a full-spectrum CBN formula it has the potential advantages of offering every cannabinoid that is traced inside the hemp plant. The effect of numerous cannabinoids will bring greater health benefits and impart a wider spectrum of remedies to medical conditions than using a single cannabinoid. It is based on the entourage effect that if a particular cannabinoid suits you, then the “more the merrier”. The impact of various cannabinoids will be much better. Full spectrum CBN mix offers you distinctive benefits that are exclusive to its ingredients.

Conclusion On CBN For Sleep And Pain

A product with a high nutrient profile of minerals, fiber, essential fatty acids and protein, the New CBN blend gives you the nourishing impact of full spectrum mixture. Retaining beneficial compounds this mixture complements the effects of CBD and CBN by being a powerful sedative that counters insomnia and restlessness from pain. This formulation is the best you can have as the ideal reliever of pain and also working as an anti-inflammatory agent.

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