With the end of autumn comes the cold weather which makes our work pals and fellow commuters begin to sneeze, cough, and splutter near us – inevitably all of us are going to become ill. However, besides the common cold that affects us all each December, caution should be taken for another condition – Christmas tree syndrome – an ailment you could really be acquiring from your festive fir tree. True – we’re gutted also.
Fortunately, CBD can come to your help by counteracting the symptoms of Christmas tree syndrome like coughing, wheezing, itchy noses, chest pains, insomnia, rashes, and allergies.

What Comprises Christmas Tree Syndrome?

CBD In Christmas Tree Syndrome
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Christmas Tree Syndrome comprises an allergy to actual Christmas trees, resulting from mold spores that gather on them. Researchers have now discovered that the allergy is caused by exposure to specific mold that reaches the house along with the tree and flourishes in warm environments. These molds have been linked previously with respiratory allergies. This could be an especially major problem in colder areas, where people cannot maintain their windows open for sufficient ventilation. Researchers discovered that the spores concentration rises to a more than adequate level to lead to a respiratory allergy if the tree is placed indoors for 2 weeks.

Causes Of Christmas Tree Syndrome

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Christmas tree syndrome is an ailment connected with allergies and asthma resulting from recently cut Christmas trees. Most people wrongly assume that pine tree pollen is responsible but, actually, it’s not the tree by itself, but rather the mold that flourishes on its branches that can activate weeks of allergy attacks and asthma following the bringing into the home of a tree.

The reason is that every type of Christmas trees normally carries some mold and when they are severed before the holidays and kept in a moist and dark environment, the mold starts to grow, flourish and propagate on an everyday basis.

Symptoms Of Christmas Tree Syndrome

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The usual symptoms of the syndrome involve incurring an asthma attack after the tree is brought inside or you might acquire flu-type symptoms like a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes and coughing, even if you don’t experience a cold. It can lead to more serious complications in extreme cases like pneumonia and bronchitis. Nearly one in 500 people will develop the aspergillus mold inside their airways.

How CBD Is Effective In Christmas Tree Syndrome

CBD has been known to alleviate the symptoms of Christmas tree syndrome in the following ways:

Acts As A Bronchodilator

The bronchodilator impacts of CBD are well recognized. During an asthma attack, the bronchioles of a patient get constricted and oxygen circulation becomes restricted. CBD, upon being inhaled or orally consumed, frees up the bronchioles and broadens the respiratory pathways making it easier to breathe.

Carries Anti-inflammatory Qualities

The natural anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD reduce inflammation in the lungs and airways.

Inflammation in the lungs occurs in reaction to irritants. These include pollen, allergens, and dust. The inflammation causes increased mucus production, which leads to constriction of the airways and renders it harder to breathe. When used regularly, and at the optimum dosage, CBD oil reduces reactions to these irritants for asthma patients which may develop from Christmas tree syndrome.

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, and while most research till now on asthma have focussed mostly on the bronchodilatory effect, few have also observed a reduction in bronchial inflammation. Moreover, CBD is currently being analyzed for its ability to develop targeted treatments for immune-modulated inflammatory disorders.
Cannabinoid receptors have been found in human lung tissue, though in relatively low concentrations, and are known to perform an important role in regulating inflammation, muscular contractions and dilations, and various metabolic processes.


Acts As An Antibiotic

Cannabinoids such as CBD have been indicated to contain a broad-spectrum bactericidal impact against many general and infectious pathogens. A category of bacterial agents believed to be a potential underlying factor for asthma is the Streptococcus genus that includes S. Pneumonia and S. Aureae has been shown in different studies to be destroyed by the bactericidal effect of cannabinoids.

CBD can help to combat various bacterial infections that can arise from cold, influenza, or different viruses. When your body removes germs from your lungs by coughing, it may irritate your throat making you cough more than required. Cannabidiol can aid the irritation in your throat, helping you to escape a dry cough that frequently occurs when a cold ends as in Christmas tree syndrome.

Studies have shown CBD to reduce TH2 and TP cytokines levels. They also reveal that CBD may affect the response in prominent hyper-secretion stimuli. Further, CBD has also shown to possess immunosuppressive properties.

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As A Powerful Antioxidant

CBD is a highly effective antioxidant and is vital in supporting physical and mental health. The prime role of antioxidants is to halt oxidation, which leads to the production of unpaired electrons called free radicals that injure cells and can cause serious ailments such as Parkinson’s.

The free radicals can lead to considerable instability along the body, causing degradation of healthy cells together with essential DNA. CBD is an extremely potent antioxidant like vitamins and can promote balanced health by adequate cellular activity. During the flu, acquired in Christmas tree syndrome, the antioxidant properties of CBD helps to repair damaged cells.

Helps To Remove Scars

CBD oil aids to alleviate the symptoms of Christmas tree syndrome such as eczema and scars and can aid your body to bounce back more rapidly and effectively, reducing inflammation, pain, and scarring.

Conclusion On CBD In Christmas Tree Syndrome

Scarring which is a consequence of Christmas tree syndrome can generally be resolved by constant application of a CBD topical. The plant compound CBD is completely natural with ingredients that aid soothing. Thus, this phytocannabinoid is the most preferred option for healing scars, allergies, flu, rashes, and similar symptoms arising from Christmas tree syndrome.

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