Cachexia, also known as wasting syndrome is a very debilitating condition which can cause extreme weight loss and muscle wasting. This disorder results in a loss of body fat and can be associated with various forms of cancer. This disease can also arise out of various other forms of disorders and diseases such as HIV/AIDS, liver failure, heart failure, advanced stage kidney disease and more. It is a debilitating condition and is difficult to treat due to lack of reliable treatment options. This is where CBD comes in. This cannabinoid is being researched on a large scale to help with the treatment of cachexia. It is not the end cure of Cachexia but is helping many patients to find some relief from this condition.
Today, we will be talking about Cachexia and how CBD can help you with it.

The different stages of Cachexia

Before we move forward with CBD For Cachexia treatment, let us first know various stages of Cachexia are:

Pre Cachexia: A combination of weight loss of less than 5% and other symptoms such as weakened glucose tolerance, anorexia, and others.

Cachexia:A weight loss of more than 5% and other criteria such as loss of muscle strength, decreased fatigue, appetite, and inflammation.

Refractory Cachexia:It applies to an individual with cancer. The symptoms include Muscle loss, weight loss, loss and a failure to respond to cancer treatment.

What are the symptoms of Cachexia?

There are some common symptoms of cachexia which can be classified as:

1. Unintentional weight loss:The most important symptom which occurs in Cachexia is the involuntary weight loss i.e. a loss in weight without even attempting to lose weight.

2. Muscle Wasting: Another symptom that occurs in cachexia is skeletal muscle wasting.

3. Loss of appetite or Anorexia:In the case of cachexia, the person completely loses the desire to eat anything.

4. Inability to function properly:Fatigue, low energy levels, malaise results in a reduced functional ability of people suffering from this syndrome.

Using CBD Oil For Cachexia

CBD Oil is not a cure for cachexia but it can be used positively to help in the treatment of Cachexia. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and extracted from the Industrial Hemp. This compound is beneficial in treating many conditions and can be considered the most productive treatment options for treating Cachexia. CBD does not have with any side effects and will not make you high.

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The standard treatments of wasting syndrome include prokinetic drugs such as Cisapride and Domperidone, Corticosteroids, and gestagens. These medications come with many potential side-effects.

CBD, on the other hand, has become an effective option in the treatment of this syndrome.
There have been studies which suggest the benefits of CBD in helping with Cachexia.

CBD can also help in reducing the symptoms of Cachexia such as anorexia. Within a few months of CBD administration, a slow increment in weight and its retention was noticed in anorexic patients.

Moreover, the antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects of CBD can also help in reducing mood swings, stress, and assists in healthy living.

CBD is also good for muscle building. It binds with the receptors present in our Endocannabinoid System which is responsible for regulating the body’s metabolism and appetite.

What are the side effects of CBD For Cachexia?

The best part about this condition is it is non-psychoactive in nature which means it will not make you high at all.Secondly, this remedy is natural and very well tolerated. But if consumed in excessively high quantities, it can lead to some side effects such as Diarrhoea, Dizziness,Dry Mouth,and Changes in mood being prominent.
Therefore, we will always recommend you to start with low doses and the increase the dosage as per the desired result. Moreover, always consult your doctor before starting with CBD and Cachexia.

Final Thoughts on Using CBD For Wasting Syndrome

Cachexia is a difficult to treat disorder and results in some severe symptoms. Moreover, it is very common in people suffering from Cancer. CBD is being used by people to treat this syndrome and they are receiving vast benefits from its consumption. CBD is also safe and can be used effectively to help with symptoms of Cachexia and cancer as well. Therefore, including CBD in your daily routine can be a great option for your daily health and wellness.

We hope you liked this article on CBD For Cachexia. If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know in the comment section below.

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