ADHD refers to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in which a person has difficulty to focus and to perform basic daily activities. ADHD is the most common condition in children. It is caused by differences in cell development in the brain. ADHD reduces the ability to focus, executive skills and it also results in memory loss. Identifying the symptoms of ADHD can be a very difficult task, so in this article, I will tell you all about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and how CBD oil can play important role in treating it.

Different types of ADHD in children and adults

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Hyperactivity: in this type of ADHD person tend to move constantly. Both children and adult may feel restless all the time.
In hyperactive ADHD you will feel difficulty in standing still, you will often interrupt another person because you lose self-control.

Inattention: a person may feel difficulty in focusing and concentrating. People become disorganized if they are suffering from inattention ADHD

Impulsivity: in this patient may start making different action without thinking.

What can cause ADHD?

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The exact cause of ADHD is still unknown but one common reason can be a genetic disorder.
The known cause of ADHD are

  1. Cells do not grow effectively in the brain
  2. When the child is born prematurely mainly before the 37th week of pregnancy then ADHD can occur.
  3. Consumption of alcohol or drugs during pregnancy can lead to ADHD in the child


What are the most common symptoms of ADHD?

The symptoms of ADHD are mostly common in child and adults, in this topic I will tell you some symptoms which might help you in identifying ADHD.

  1. You often become careless and stop paying attention to important things. You become disorganized as your physical appearance always remains untidy.
  2. In ADHD you start having problems with time management. Which means you miss your important meeting and appointments.
  3. Your memory becomes weak and you always have an uneasy feeling like you are forgetting something

    CBD For ADHD
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  4. You are always lost in thoughts like if someone is talking to you, you will feel difficulty to look and listen to them.
  5. One of the most serious symptoms is you lose concentration while driving.
  6. You always feel restless, waiting can be a difficult task for you.
  7. Either you make decisions too quickly or too slowly

How you can diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

To diagnose ADHD first you have to get a physical checkup which includes hearing and vision test. Your doctor might refer you to psychiatrist or psychologist. To diagnose ADHD in children, your doctor will first examine the behavior of your child, your pediatrician would like to know your child behavior since birth. After all this the very next step is Assessment, the doctor can refer your child for assessment which includes, adult psychiatrist, pediatrician or learning disability specialist. Your child may go through a series of interviews which might help in understanding behavior.

How ADHD can be treated?

Your doctor might suggest some medications which may help you in self-control. These medicines will reduce the chemical reaction in the brain which will help you in calming.


There are different counseling approach like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT can play important role in learning new ways to behave in the present world.

CBD oil in ADHD for children and adults

CBD has a different active chemical compound that can play a crucial role in treating ADHD.
When you consume CBD it activates the receptors (CB1 & CB2) in your body. These two receptors are responsible for controlling certain body parts. When you use CBD then unwanted thoughts and chemical reactions are reduced which is beneficial for treating ADHD.
For children, you can use CBD for child products.

How you can use CBD?

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Nowadays there are a number of CBD infused products which you can use. CBD can be consumed in capsule and oil form, you can also use CBD products on your skin and face such are creams and serum. If you are looking for quick relief then you should go for CBD vape pens and sprays.


Final Verdict on CBD For ADHD

ADHD is a serious mental problem which can cause serious health issues. For treating ADHD it is very important to identify the symptoms. Apart from medicine use of CBD is also becoming very popular for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and if you are looking for CBD products then you can shop online by I hope you like this article and if you have any suggestion please leave the comment in the below section.

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